The Borgo

The history of the holiday farm

800 Years of History

Agriturismo Borgo La Capraia is heir to 800 years of history.

The Borgo yesterday

In the Middle Ages, from its strategic position at 650 metres asl ca. overlooking the entire surrounding valley, La Capraia was a border outpost. In the year 1200, the Borgo was controlled by the powerful Ubertini family, Ghibellines native to Arezzo and fierce opponents of the Florentines. In 1296 came under the dominion of the Florentine Republic. Unfortunately, we know little more about the history of our village – only that it was abandoned by its inhabitants in the mid-20th century.

The Borgo today

With us, Borgo La Capraia has regained its ancient splendour. Following renovation, the squares and buildings have come back to life as the centrepiece of our holiday farm – while retaining their original appearance and all the fascination of medieval times.

Our family has worked in the hospitality sector for generations. We have always placed ourselves at the service of our guests, so that very single minute of their time with us would be unforgettable. And this is why each of us makes his or her personal contribution to the activities at Agriturismo Borgo La Capraia.

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