The authentic flavours of Tuscany


Our restaurant, open to our guests and the public alike, serves the typical dishes of Tuscan tradition. And to prepare them, we always prefer fruit and vegetables from our own farm and local producers.

The Tuscan restaurant

At the Agriturismo Borgo La Capraia restaurant we invite you to try our typical Tuscan cooking, a cuisine based on ‘poor’, genuine ingredients – ours thanks to our land and its bounty – expertly assembled for great taste combinations.

The restaurant at Agriturismo Borgo La Capraia is small and hospitable – and typically Tuscan, in both architecture and aromas: stone, Florentine brick, and exposed wooden beams create the perfect setting for enjoying the dishes and flavours of Tuscany while thrilling to the panoramic view of the Borgo and its valley.

Our Tuscan restaurant knows the secret formula for making a meal a unique, unforgettable experience: combining to perfection the true, genuine flavours of the products of local growers and our own gardens to exalt the age-old recipes of Tuscany, in dishes from our family cookbook and more innovative interpretations – always accompanied by a glass of fine wine! And impeccable quality, whatever your menu choice!

At our Tuscan restaurant you’ll find a family-stile welcome, great professionalism and that extra smile that comes from our passion for our work and our desire to make you feel at home! And just like at home, the menu changes every day, with the seasons and the availability of fresh, local products: in this case, ‘less is more’ certainly applies. Each of our restaurant’s dishes is an example of excellence: only the highest-quality ingredients, proven recipes and appealing presentations.

And dulcis in fundo: during the summer, dinner is served on the panoramic veranda – while in winter, the fireplace in the dining room creates a cosy atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

Let us remind you that the restaurant is open to guests of Agriturismo Borgo La Capraia as well as to anyone wanting to enjoy a meal amidst the hills of Tuscany. Please contact us for reservations!



Recreate the flavours of your Tuscan vacation at home. And if you close your eyes, you’ll think you’re dining at the Borgo!

ricetto pappa al pomodoro

Pappa al Pomodoro

Pappa al pomodoro is a local recipe that captures all the aromas and flavours of summer in Tuscany.

cantucci toscani ricetta originale

Tuscan Cantucci

The cantuccio is a typical biscuit of Tuscan tradition, to nibble as is or with Vin Santo.

ricetta ricciarelli

Sienese Ricciarelli

Ricciarelli are famous sweets from Sienese tradition – and a must on any Christmas-time table.

ricetta panzanella

Tuscan Panzanella

‘Poor’ products of the land, bread and vegetables, combine in the simple yet exquisite panzanella bread salad.

ricetta pici

Pici pasta

Hand-rolled pici pasta from Arezzo and Siena is made from just flour and water: deceptively simple, absolutely delicious.

Tuscan Crostini

A standout on any Tuscan appetizer tray: the delicious Tuscan chicken-liver ‘black’ crostini!

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