Educational Farm!

A child’s dream

Once upon a time there was a child who dreamed of having an educational farm, thanks to which there are now lots of children who can get to know our animals.

A farm for children all over the world

This is the story of how our educational farm was created from a child’s dream, and how today it is a farm for children of all ages from all over the world.

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Oscar, who more than anything else dreamed of living on a farm, and while his friends dreamed of motorcycles and soccer fields he dreamed of rabbits, chickens and goats. When Oscar was a little older, he spent some time travelling around the world, to see if he could find a more beautiful dream, but this was what he always wanted. So he returned home and timidly built the first fence and bought his first three hens: Mimma, Cocca and Gerardina. He was a little worried because taking care of the animals is not a simple job, the animals do not know Sundays and holidays, they need care and attention every day and he sometimes asked himself if this was really what he wanted to do every day. But he loved those three hens so much, even though it was not yet a farm … it was just a chicken coup!

Oscar’s babbo (“babbo” means “daddy” in Tuscany) knew about his son’s dream, and even though he was no longer a child, he was afraid that the famous educational farm his son had always spoken about might just remain a beautiful dream because he was well aware that in real life, this particular dream meant getting his hands dirty….

Then when it was Oscar’s birthday, waiting for him in the garden of the Borgo was a great big box tied up with a huge bow. Oscar thought it was a joke and that his father and brothers were playing a prank on him as they used to do.

When he went up close to the box, both incredulous and curious… he saw that it was moving! So he didn’t waste any time, he quickly untied the bow and tore open the paper – also because he had recognised the noise coming from inside the box……it was his dream in there: a pair of magnificent peacocks!

From that day on, thanks to the new arrivals, Oscar no longer had just a chicken coup; instead he had a splendid farm.

Ever since that fateful birthday, Oscar has seen the number of candles on his birthday cake increase together with the number of animals on the farm!😊

All the animals on our educational farm

Today on our holiday farm you can get to know:

  • Stella and Macchia, our cow and her little calf
  • The Rabby family, meaning the rabbits
  • Nives, Simon and Reinhold, the goats, with all their brothers and sisters,
  • Salvia, Menta and Nipitella and their friends, the sheep
  • Roger and Rafa, the two fat piglets
  • Mimma and Cocca the hens (unfortunately, Gerardina ended up in a marten’s stomach) and the whole gang in the chicken coup consisting of turkeys, pigeons, geese and quails
  • Bella and Edward, the peacocks, the most beautiful couple on the farm
  • Bau and Nau, the two splendid guard dogs on the farm (even though they have never taken their role seriously as both are very friendly and innocuous).

When you go to say hello to the animals, take care not to tread on the guinea pigs as they scamper away from the cats! (They look like rats but instead they are very cunning Peruvian guinea pigs!)

Out educational farm is always “open” to our guests as long as they take care and always respect the animals. Just follow the path that leads from the swimming pool and after a few steps you will be greeted by the squawking of the geese and the crowing of the rooster.

fattoria didattica

Our Educational Farm is always open!

Come and get to know the animals on our educational farm, there are so many of them, all beautiful and friendly, and you just need to take a few steps from you apartment to see them all!


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  • Pet Friendly

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