Holiday Farm with a Pool

Nothing could be better than a vacation in Tuscany at a holiday farm with a pool. Swimming is a fine tonic for the body and psyche alike – and swimming in our green valleys all the more so!

3 good reasons to choose a holiday farm with a pool

A Tuscan holiday farm with a pool is the ideal ‘middle road’ for anyone who prefers a country vacation to a seaside stay, since it offers the opportunity to alternate activities such as horseback riding and bike excursions with a refreshing dip and poolside relaxation. Think about it: the principal element of our bodies is water, and water has many benefits for healthy living:

  1. Swimming contributes to our health and appearance: swimming burns 500 calories per hour, and it’s a complete aerobic exercise that improves circulation, regulates cholesterol, and enhances our looks.
  2. Sunbathing in the silence of the countryside helps dissipate accumulated stress.
  3. While our pool is the ideal place to read or simply daydream, our quiet Borgo offers a host of secluded corners for losing yourself in a book or a reverie!

Take a dive into the pool!

Agriturismo Borgo La Capraia offers its guests two pools equipped with sunbeds, sunshades and showers:

  • one 8-by-15 metre pool with suggestive, romantic nocturnal lighting;
  • a 2.5-by-2.5 metre children’s pool for safe fun.


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