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Live as a local


We offer to our customer the opportunity to discover what make Tuscany so unique with special tours designed to bring you in those areas known only by locals, where you really get the best of the best.


We offer to our guests an opportunity to explore this beautiful area of the world from the perspective of a local under the expert guidance of tour guides who were born and raised in Tuscany. Our Tour are operated in Collaboration with Tuscany Untouched Tours


Our tours and experiences are designed to take you off the well-trodden tourist tracks into areas of Tuscany that many tourists simply don’t get a chance to see. We take you deep into the heart of Tuscany to meet the locals, experience life as it truly is, and explore areas of natural beauty that will take your breath away.


there is much more to Tuscany that many tourists don’t get an opportunity to see. Imagine if you could explore Tuscany from the perspective of a local, to see sides of Tuscany that the majority of tourists seldom see, and to learn many hidden secrets along the way. Now you can..

"La Grandiosa Toscana"

This 7 day tour is designed to let you discover some of the hidden gems that are unknown to the most but are a significant part of what make Tuscany so magical. The tour is all inclusive and start from $ 2.480 per person included meal and accommodationscenery of Tuscany

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Customize your tour

Tell us what you would like to see. Our expert tour guides will take you deep into the heart of Tuscany to explore the ancient villages and see some of the world’s most famous pieces of art for yourself. During these special tours, you will be let into some of Tuscan’s deepest secrets and will have an opportunity to see a side of Tuscany that most tourists miss out on..

"Cinquecento Tour"

If you can imagine yourself driving an iconic Italian car on an exciting exploration of Tuscany’s mountains and villages, this tour will not disappoint. 7 Days driving a legendary Fiat 500 with the guidance of our guides across the most spectacular scenery of Tuscany

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Are you already a guest of Borgo La Capraia, select one of our short tours



The True Chianti as you never seen it. Be immerse in nature enjoying one of the great pleasure of life: food and wine. This tour is a concentrate of goodness for all the real lovers of Italian wine and Italian food. Indulge yourself and let us treat you as a king.




Rejuvenate and revitalize at a natural spring most tourists never get an opportunity to visit. Tour consists of an extended visit to a spectacular outdoor spa followed by an opportunity to sample Tuscan cuisine at a local restaurant. Paradise is found.




One of the oldest city of Italy will open its secrets for you thanks to our guides and their knowledge of the area




Trod in Leonardo da Vinci’s steps as you embark on a one-day tour of some of the natural vistas that inspired his art.

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